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The Progressive Coalition of Amherst believes that our Town government should serve the community, including working people, families and small businesses. Our goal is to help Amherst government become more democratic and diverse. We are a coalition of people who seek significant changes in Amherst, and have a registered, independent Political Action Committee. (Click here to see our homepage translated into Spanish, and here for translation into Chinese. )


  • A fiscally responsible,  transparent Town government, focused on providing services to all residents, including BIPOC and members of marginalized groups.  
  • Well-researched and carefully-crafted planning and zoning policies, to assure that new commercial and residential development is fully compatible with the community’s needs. 
  • Enforcement of significant and firm affordable housing requirements for all new multi-unit residential construction, to assure that development benefits the community as a whole. 
  • Repair of poorly-maintained roads and sidewalks to make driving, biking and walking safer and more enjoyable in Amherst for everyone, including those with movement disabilities.
  • Initiatives and programs designed to attract an array of locally-owned retail shops and restaurants to our village centers, and to retain existing local businesses. 
  • Thoughtful and well-informed spending for any municipal renovation or new construction, and improved maintenance of existing Town buildings and assets.
  • Prioritizing attainment of the Town’s climate action, resiliency, and climate justice goals.
  • Sufficient funding for alternative emergency  services, including clinician and civilian response to mental health and substance abuse calls, as recommended by the Town’s Community Safety Working Group.
  • A well-crafted school budget that prioritizes the needs and well-being of students. (See more information about our platform for Amherst’s public schools here.)
  • Support for a meaningful reparations program for Amherst’s Black residents.
  • Protection of voting rights and preservation of convenient local polling places. 
  • Establishment of new accessible  community events and activities for families and children.
  • Support of immigrants and newcomers to Amherst, including policies to uphold equal wages for undocumented workers.
  • Advocacy for public transportation improvements, including to PVTA bus service.


The Progressive Coalition of Amherst envisions a Town where elected and appointed bodies prioritize policies and programs that support the whole community, including those who belong to marginalized groups. We believe that Amherst’s boards and committees can and should be more inclusive, in terms of individual perspectives, race, gender, ethnicity, primary languages, sexual orientation, income, education, and life experience.


The Progressive Coalition of Amherst is governed by an Executive Board, on which the majority of members are people of color. The Board votes on all decisions, actions, and candidate endorsements. Although we are not affiliated with, and do not receive funding from any other political organizations, we at times consult with other local progressive groups. 

Join us in fostering a more vibrant, diverse community in Amherst. Email us at: progressivecoalitionamherstma@gmail.com, or join our mailing list below. (You may  unsubscribe at any time.) 


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