PCA Presents Goals for the Amherst Public Schools

The Progressive Coalition Amherst’s Executive Board would like to share it views about core changes that are needed to improve the Amherst Regional Public Schools. We call upon the school district, and the community to:

  • Place students’ needs, both social-emotional and academic, at the center of district policies and budgets
  • Seat a School Committee that will exercise its powers to lead in budgeting decisions, and in the supervision of district policies and administration
  • Review existing disciplinary procedures to assure equal standards and treatment for all students, along with expansion of the district’s restorative/transformative justice practices
  • Advocate for a full update and review of existing curriculum, textbooks and materials, to modernize content, embed social justice education, and honor diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, gender orientation and sexual orientation
  • Tend to the infrastructure needs of all Amherst’s public schools
  • Make sure the special educational needs of all students and their families are met in an equitable, dignified, and inclusive manner
  • Ensure broad and substantive input from all families prior to making major decisions that will impact them
  • Facilitate respectful and impactful interaction between district leadership and ARPS families
  • Expand curriculum and resources to meet the needs and facilitate success of all learners, including through modern vocational education programs.

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