Progressive Coalition of Amherst Announces Endorsements for Town Council, School Committee Races

After careful consideration, PCA has endorsed for Councilor At-Large: Vira Douangmany Cage,  Ellisha Walker, and Vincent O’Connor; for District 3 Councilor: Jennifer Taub and  Dorothy Pam; for District 4 Councilor: Anika Lopes*. PCA did not endorse candidates in the  uncontested Town Council races, in Districts 1, 2 and 5 and notes that the majority of registered  voters in town will have no meaningful choice about who represents them as District Councilors.  PCA has endorsed Jennifer Page, Phoebe Merriam, and Benjamin Herrington for School  Committee. In addition, Heather Lord and Pamela Rooney have chosen to run as independent  candidates for School Committee and Councilor in District 4.  

*Anika Lopes has chosen to accept an endorsement from the other political action committee in town as well.